2014/2015 Official School Times

First Bell  7:55AM          Tardy Bell  8:00AM      School Ends  3:00PM

2013-2014 School Public Accountability Report


Congratulations to Matthew Ellsworth (center)

Jackson County Rookie Teacher of the Year

Marianna Middle School Rookie Teacher of the Year

Mr. Ellsworth teaches 8th grade English Language Arts



MARCH 20, 2015



March 23 -27






Student Planners
Tutoring for Students
Alternative School Program
District-wide Bus Policy
District-wide Cell Phone Policy
Low-Cost Internet Opportunity

Sports Events
3/23/2015 to 3/27/2015
•  Spring Break - No Practice  (Volleyball)
3/30/2015 to 4/3/2015
•  Practice 3 - 6  (Volleyball)
Recurrence: Daily from 3/30/2015 to 4/3/2015
MMS 2014-2015 - Teacher of the Year - Mrs. Joyce Shouse   

MMS 2014-2015 "Rookie" Teacher of the Year - Matthew Ellsworth   

MMS 2014-2015 School-Related Employee of the Year - Jeanette Scott