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Mr. Tocci`s announcements

No Homework Thanksgiving Break. Enjoy!  

Every Friday students should do "Think Through Math" at home  

Semester Exam December 17th  


Please know your child will have homework everyday after school.  Your child needs to make a good faith effort to complete all the problems assigned using their textbook and notes.  Their notes should have detailed information and models that match what they were taught in class for them to follow in the event they need a reference from the day's lesson.  Their textbook always serves as a model, which they should have with them at home every night.  The textbook does not need to come back and forth daily as we do have enough copies to have a classroom set.  Also, I will facilitate networking for your child with peers for them to create study buddies and groups at their discretion and leisure.  Students are encouraged and taught to take owership for their learning with support mechanisms at hand.  Rest assured, I will teach your child the proper methods and give the appropriate work as well as the assistence to succeed.  Effort is everything.  If you child's attitude and effort are exemplary, as it should be, they will naturally suceed. 

My classroom students work in groups of two and three everyday.  I give notes, model the lesson for them, and set them off to work within groups on their skills.  Students are expected to help each other.  Students are not penalized for going slower.  All students are expected to move through the lesson at their pace.  Any student who spends 30-40 minutes on independent practice at home can stop even if they have not completed their homework.  Students are not expected to spend hours on homework.  I understand that we all need down time. is our books website that provides some unique resources to help your child.  In particular, each lesson taught is supported by 3-5 videos that your child can watch in order to help them understand.  Also, is another great resource that will give your child video tutorials to help them grasp key concepts.  Of course they can always call me for help or ask questions in class.