Athletic Department

MMS Bullpups,


Do you plan on participating in a sport this school year? You must have a current physical before you can even try-out. Please see sport specific pages for detailed information about try-outs requirements.


Tentative try-out dates listed below.

Try-out                                   Dates                Forms Due:           Grade:

Basketball (Boys)                  10/28                      10/26                6-8

Baseball                                1/8 -1/10                 12/18                6-8

Softball                                  1/8 -1/10                 1/7                    6-8

Track                                     TBA                         TBA                  6-8

Cheerleader                          3/16-3/20                 TBA                  6-7

Volleyball                               3/16                         TBA                  6-8

Football                                 4/27-4/30                  TBA                 6-7



All FHSAA forms are listed below, along with the forms you will have to fill out after making respective team. Please check sport specific pages for any additional forms and information.


Thank you,


MMS Athletic Department